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Postgraduate students (for PhD or equivalent)
  • Florian Bruse, 2012-...
  • Milka Hutagalung, 2011-...
  • Manuel Vargas Guzmán, 2011-...
  • Markus Latte, 2008-...,
    Automata for program and model analysis
  • Oliver Friedmann, 2008-2011, (co-supervised by Martin Hofmann)
    Exponential Lower Bounds for Determined 2-Player Games
  • Roland Axelsson, 2006-2010
    Verification of non-regular program properties

Graduate students (for MSc or equivalent)
  • Dongyuan Yu, 7/2008
    Algorithms for String Problems
  • Oliver Friedmann, 2008, co-supervised by Martin Hofmann
    A proof system for ECTL*μ
  • Markus Jehle, 02/2008
    Bounded model checking for All regular Properties
  • Marie-Fleur Revel, 12/2006
    Translating PSL into the linear time μ-calculus
  • Christian Dax, 02/2006
    Games for the linear time μ-calculus
  • Boris Lohner, 12/2005, co-supervised by Hans-Dietmar Jäger
    Design and implementation of a course evaluation system
  • Robert Reitmeier, 09/2005, co-supervised by Jan Johannsen
    SAT encoding of linear time μ-calculus and weak alternating parity automata

Undergraduate students (for BSc or equivalent)
  • Dongyuan Yu, 7/2008
    Factorisation with a SAT solver
  • Oliver Friedmann, 10/2006, co-supervised by Martin Hofmann
    A proof system for the modal μ-calculus
  • Karl Mehltretter, 06/2006
    Translations between weak alternating parity automata and the linear time μ-calculus
  • A. Feichtner and S. Sojer, 02/2006
    A Reduction from Parity Games to SAT
  • Jan Hoffmann, 01/2006
    Minimising weak alternating parity automata
  • Markus Jehle, 07/2005, co-supervised by Jan Johannsen
    Bounded model checking for the alternation-free linear time μ-calculus
  • Nicolas Rachinsky, 07/2005, co-supervised by Jan Johannsen
    Specifying transition systems in CCS
  • Christian Dax, 07/2004
    Implementation of LTL focus games